The group was started in 1998 by Margaret Grant who sadly is no longer with us. Margaret came from Horsham and the very first production was Jest InThe West. This was a very successful play and the group really kicked on from there.

There have been thirty five productions and the one we are rehearsing at the moment will be our thirty sixth.

By far the biggest production undertaken by the group was in 2001 with  Les Miserables which, because of its size was performed at the Brenton Langbein theatre in Tanunda. This production attracted actors and singers from far and wide that really wanted to be part of such a great play.

Over the seventeen years profits have been distributed to many local community groups including the hospital, CFS, progress club etc. These have exceeded $20,000.

Our biggest challenges are two fold, the first being to pay off our loan and the other is to attract new performers particularly male actors and singers. We have had many people through our club that have gone on to other things particularly our young ones who go on to university and get tied down with studies. So we are always on the lookout for more people and would welcome them into the group.